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Dec 23 2012 18:13 PM Post #3888
Location : Slovenija

Najlepša hvala za vso prijaznost in ustrežljivost. Če bova le imela srečo s fantom, da dobiva prost apartma pri vas, bova naslednje leto sigurno dopustovala na Korčuli v penzionu Lovrić.
Wolfgang, Claudia und Susi
Oct 29 2012 22:26 PM Post #3884
Location : Gernamy

Hallo Silvana, Renzi und Familie,

Wir möchten Euch sagen, dass es uns bei Euch sehr gut gefallen hat...

Ich hoffe, wir waren angenehme Gäste für Euch und freuen uns schon sehr auf den nächsten Urlaub bei Euch im Hause.

Silvana, auch an Dich einen herzlichen Dank, dass Du uns so gut bewirtet hast. Es hat uns sehr bei Euch gefallen. Und dass wir Eure Hilfe in Anspruch nehmen konnten, finden wir ganz toll und auch dafür möchten wir uns noch mal herzliche bedanken.

Silvana, Du konntest immer so schön Plusch Puschel sagen, deshalb nennen wir die Susi jetzt Plusch Puschel. Das finden wir so süß.

Ach Ihr Lieben, wir vermissen Euch sehr.

Wir versprechen Euch, dass wir im nächsten Jahr, also 2013 Ende August bei Euch sein werden.

So wünschen wir Euch alles Gute und viel Erfolg mit dem neuen Haus. Und bitte bleibt so fröhlich. Es ist wunderbar, wenn man so nette Menschen kennen lernt wie Ihr es seid.

Wolfgang, Claudia und Susi (Plusch Puschel)

Aug 20 2012 23:52 PM Post #1476
Location : France

Hello Silvana,

I am Geneviève, the French lady who was travelling in Croatia last July with my two friends, Aubrey Williams, the American, and Gerard Joubert, the French guy. We spent three lovely days at your place, which is the nicest place in Croatia - the nicest because of the beauty and comfort of the place, the good food and good wine, the turquoise color of the sea, the scent of the pines, and last but not least... your kindness and your hospitality. We won't forget Aubrey's birthday at your restaurant, the delicious meal you prepared for us, your kind gifts. It was a very enjoyable and memorable stay.

Before going back to the US, I am now at my Mom's place in Grenoble, France, and we opened today the bottle of Lovric white wine I got from you : it was exquisite and we enjoyed it a lot ! We thought of you and we talked about you. I am sending you my love and all the best. Thanks again for your hospitality,

Aug 09 2012 23:02 PM Post #1357
Location : France

Hi Silvana,

.......By the way, your website is really great !

Best regards,

Laura Maillard
Barnko i Ivanka
Aug 08 2012 21:55 PM Post #1340
Location : Zagreb

Pozdrav Silvana i Renci,

Uživali smo u boravku i to je pravo mjesto za odmor

Hvala na svemu Ivanka i Branko
igor meserko
Aug 08 2012 21:25 PM Post #1338
Location : Slovenija

Silvana zdravo.

Mi smo doma. Mali je super odradio vožnu tako da je bilo sve skupa super.....

Još jednom hvala na svemu.

Lijep pozdrav svima

Igor sa obitelj.
Aug 01 2012 21:19 PM Post #1256
Location : Austria

Hallo liebe Familie Milina, wir sind wieder gut in Piesendorf angekommen, die Fahrt war gut und problemlos
Es war sehr schön in Korcula
Herzliche Grüße auch an Fam Klevenhausen und nochmals vielen Dank
Anneliese mit Familie
Aubrey Williams
Jul 26 2012 5:11 AM Post #1170
Location : USA

Dear Lawrence and Silvana,

I returned to Washington DC after completing the rest of my itinerary through your beautiful country. Everything went well after Genevieve, Gerard and I left Pansion Lovric. Few other Apartmani or Pansions came close to matching your welcome, hospitality and good food.

I would like to thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday in a special way. I have sent the photo we took together to many family members and friends. Thank you for your gifts. Your generosity was a huge surprise and I will cherish your memories and generosity for many years to come.

I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors. And I thank you again for your welcome and gifts.


Aubrey Williams
Saari Hamilton
Jun 05 2012 20:44 PM Post #459
Location : Canada

Hi Silvana,
We enjoyed our stay with you, see you next year.
Saari Hamilton
May 24 2012 20:17 PM Post #284
Location : Australia

Dear Silvana and Renci,

Thank you so much for taking care of us at your Pension. We really enjoyed your hospitality and your wonderful meals.
And it was most kind of Renci to present us with a botlle of wine each.
We found Croatia a delightful country and I would certainly return when opportunity permits.
Meanwhile we look forward to your visit to Australia.

Best regards,

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